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Simon Park - Photographer



Although he was born and attended college in Lancashire, by 1983 Simon was an Isle of Man resident with a keen interest in graphic design.  He enrolled in a Foundation Course in Art and Design at the Isle of Man College, which he completed before furthering his education in Falmouth and achieving a B.A. Hons Degree in Scientific and Technical Graphics.

By 1989, Simon was a working graphic designer on the Isle of Man, however his underlying passion for photography would eventually emerge as his full time occupation!  Simon explains, ‘Photography started as a hobby but I found myself doing more and more on the commercial side - weddings and product shots... but the core of my interest is still for landscape photography’.

Influenced and inspired by photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Fay Godwin, and many others, Simon’s love for photography is evident in his work.  He sees photography as more than just a medium for representing reality, but also as a creative art, stating that  ‘Potentially even the most ordinary object could be considered a worthy subject of photography, the emphasis being on not what, but how a subject is seen.’

Simon work strictly with black and white images, which he feels gives him control in creating the pictures and protecting against preconceptions that may be formed when viewing a colour image.  He has a large number of Manx landscapes on file and can supply these as prints or in canvas mounted form up to 1 x 2m.

For additional information visit Simon's website below.