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Glonney Designs - Fused Glass Artist




Glonney Designs is owned and run by Miranda Caley who creates unique and brightly coloured kiln glass art works and jewellery from her Kirk Michael based studio.

She launched Glonney Designs in 2012 after returning from University where she discovered her love of glass.  After working with many different media during the first year of her 3D Design degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, Miranda fell in love with the tactility of glass and then spent the rest of her degree studying glass blowing combined with kiln glass work.

Throughout her artistic career she has always had a strong pull towards bright colours and eye-catching boldness that combine to complement each other.  With these elements, Miranda creates beautiful and unique pieces that are all made using magical medium of glass.

Her current work is also heavily inspired by the bold, vivid colours that are seen in the Isle of Man’s striking scenery and its rich heritage. This link to the Isle of Man is reflected in the name Miranda chose for her glass business,  as the Manx Gaelic word ‘glonney’ translates as ‘glass’.

To buy any of her ready-made pieces, please visit Manx National Heritage or if you are looking for a more bespoke piece, feel free to contact Miranda by email.

Telephone: 07624 437583