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Allan King - Blacksmith


Allan founded The Laxey Blacksmith in 1990, based in a historic village workshop where he continues to produce an ever-expanding range of metalwork.  He utilises a wide range of raw materials including wrought iron, steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper to create both functional homeware and stylistic creative pieces.  These include everything from small items such as curtain scrolls and weathervanes, up to larger-scale gates and stair-rails featuring exotic elephants, leaping salmon and giant spiders!

Although Allan still relies on the traditional tools of the blacksmith - forge, hammer, anvil and tongs - to twist and sculpt his raw materials, he says modern blacksmithing encompasses a whole array of creative skills that have led him to describe his work as 'art in metal'.  Hand-cast moulds are just one of the techniques that allow him to create original pieces.  'The result', he says, 'can be a unique item, made to your own design, that will last a lifetime....and more!'

Allan works largely by commission and is always happy to discuss your ideas.  Visitors are welcome to call at his workshop, but there's usually sparks flying so it's best to ring first!

Samples of his work can also be found at the MostlyManx shop in Douglas.