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Clare Lewis and Mike Walker - Manx Mohair



Their farms in Ballaugh and Kirk Michael are home to over 200 goats, and they are the only farmers on the Isle of Man to breed Angora Goats (originating from Turkey) for their unique, luxurious fibre called Mohair. This hair (not wool) has a level of warmth, strength and softness unrivalled by any other animal fibre.

Adult Angora goat fleeces are used to make a fabulous range of Manx Mohair socks, the only Manx socks made from genuine Manx fibre. The unique ultra smooth goat hair means Mohair socks are naturally antibacterial and the same pair can be worn for many days before being washed (machine washable at 40°C). Also naturally wicking, Mohair socks are the first choice for walkers, trekkers, explorers and many sportsmen around the world. Manx Mohair socks have already gone as far as the Antarctic, Australia, northern Canada and Japan. There are many loyal customers on the Island who choose to wear only Manx Mohair socks enjoying the comfort and odour control they give.  The socks also have a very low environmental impact. The socks come in four different styles: Gentle Top, Plain, full length Wellie, and the ever popular Walking socks. Sizes range from a UK 5 to a UK 13.

The Kid Angora fleeces are used to produce Manx Mohair yarns, spun from 100% Manx Mohair, ready to knit in a variety of grades and yarn weights from true Laceweight at 60wpi up to DK. Clare dyes the Mohair by hand and it is available in a rainbow of gorgeous colours as well as natural. Finished knitted pieces including scarves and wraps are made to order. Goat skin rugs are also for sale.

Manx Mohair products, including goat meat, are available direct from the Farm in Ballaugh, Tynwald Farmers Market at Tynwald Mills every Thursday, Douglas markets most Saturdays throughout the summer, the Island’s Agricultural Shows, and the Food & Drink Festival as well as various Fairs around the Island. Farm tours during kidding times. Details are always posted on the goat Facebook Page ‘Isle of Man Goats’. Clare and Mike are always happy to discuss any part of their goat business and can be contacted by email or by telephone, (07624) 207555. The goats can be followed on Facebook ‘Isle of Man Goats’ and Manx Mohair socks and yarns are also available from