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Cathy Bullock - Love Stepping Stones



Love Stepping Stones are new to the local artisan scene. Cathy a born and bred Manxwoman, who is married and has five children, gave up her 9-5 job to concentrate on her passion for creating memorable artwork out of glass and concrete. What started as a hobbie suddenly took off and has now become a full time job. Love Stepping Stones caters for bespoke requests with designs drawn from photos and Manx scenes that can be seen in Mostly Manx.

Cathy draws an individual design for each stone and then selects the glass she is going to use from her stock of opalescent glass. With each sheet of glass having individual hues and textures Cathy carefully selects the area of the glass to suit the individual requirements for her design.

The glass is then cut by hand to suit the different sections of each unique creation and Cathy then mixes the concrete by hand and casts the stone.  

Love Stepping Stones is the perfect choice to make your home extra special or even remembering that special someone. The stones can be made into different shapes and there are no obstacles holding Cathy’s imagination back from creating a truly unique piece of art.

To contact Love Stepping Stones visit or see their Instagram or Facebook page Love Stepping Stones.