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Vic Smirthwaite - Tripod Chairs

Tripod Chairs was founded 15 months ago when designer and craftsman Vic Smirthwaite, who had previously suffered with back problems was looking for a comfortable chair. As he could not find one that supported his back correctly, he came up with the idea to make his own.

Vic makes each chair to conform to each individual's body in order to cater for differing leg length and hip width to provide good posture and comfort. Each chair spine is also adjustable, using a simple tightening mechanism which is important if the chair has multiple users or to accommodate spine changes due to accident or ageing. 

The tripod chairs are hand-crafted by Vic using sustainable Ash Wood, which is a strong and long-lasting wood and once sanded down provides a beautiful finish, making the chairs an attractive and unique piece of furniture to add to any home or office. 

In order to find out more about Tripod Chairs, please contact Vic on (01624) 816416 or alternatively search for Tripod Chairs on Facebook.