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Judith Thomson - Bead Maker


Motivated by the satisfaction of making things, and a love of glass, Judith first started working with cold glass making tea light holders, light catchers, lampshades and mirrors in Tiffany style stained glass. After attending a bead making course in 2007, Judith quickly became passionate about working with hot glass making lampwork beads. 

Lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a torch to melt rods of clear and coloured glass. The beads are made by winding molten glass around a rotating steel rod called a mandrel. The bead is formed using gravity, and decorated by using different colours of molten glass. 

All of Judith's beads are made with the wish that they are enjoyed as much by you, as she has had fun making them. Each bead has been kiln annealed, and each set is unique. 

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