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Erica Kermode - Silver Willows Studios

She lives in a beautiful Victorian house in Braddan, which is where 'Silver Willows Studios' is situated, surrounded by nature and providing Erica with endless inspiration for her creations.

Having had a varied career background (Erica was once the Deputy Chief Coastguard on the Island), she was keen to re-visit a passion she had held since schooldays: pottery and ceramics. She pursued an opportunity three years ago when she enrolled on an Isle of Man College course for which she still attends to perfect her craft. After attending the Small Business Start up Scheme, Erica set up 'Silver Willows Studio' to create ceramic sculpture, pottery, silver jewellery and willow crafts, inspired by the stunning wildlife, landscapes and Celtic history of the Isle of Man.

Erica's work is the result of a complex process, starting with the thinking up of ideas in her head, to hours spent modelling the clay to the final process of firing the creations in her kiln. Her work is then glazed and perfected to create the final result of truly stunning "one off" pieces.

Erica welcomes commissions but can also be seen exhibiting her work through various events across the Island such as the Isle of Man Art Society Exhibitions.  You can contact Erica by phone on mobile (07624) 497846, landline (01624) 851947 or email:  Alternatively you can view some of her work via her website: