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Sarah M Cox - Artist

For many years Sarah was a stay at home mum, but when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she struggled to find suitable employment that would work around her symptoms and hospital visits. She volunteered for many years at Isle of Man Hospice, but found that she was unable to carry on her role so began drawing to – in her own words “give myself something to do”. Using the skills acquired from the A Level she completed in Fine Art at the Isle of Man College twenty years ago, the results are beautiful portraits, all hand- drawn from her home in Union Mills where she lives with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Sarah’s work varies from stunning portraitures to scenic images and animals, all drawn from photographs. In July 2013, after completing various personalised commissions for family and friends, she decided to set up a Facebook page so she could start the process of selling her work. Much of Sarah’s work can also be viewed on the page.

Sarah enjoys drawing and painting using many mediums, but her favourite is Chalk Pastels and Water Colour Pencils. Having always had a passion for art, Sarah “escapes” in her hobby, admitting it makes her stomach giddy and often allows hours to pass without noticing.

To find out more about Sarah’s work or to discuss a personalised commission, you can contact her directly by email - or alternatively search for “Sarah M Cox Art” on Facebook.