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James Moroney - Lonan Stained Glass

With a background in Geology, James spent many years working in the oil industry in the Middle East before settling on the Island with his Manx wife and two sons. 5 years ago, after a period of working in the corporate sector, James decided he wanted to spend more time at home and looked for a craft that he could work around his family life commitments. After attending a series of courses in the UK to learn the craft producing stained glass windows he decided to set up a small business and 'Lonan Stained Glass' was born. 

Creating his impressive stained glass windows is a somewhat complex process with two major skills required; that of cutting glass and soldering. To give a brief understanding of what the process entails, first of all James has to sketch out the design onto paper, reflecting the size of the window. The coloured glass is then chosen and laid out on the design, where each shape is then cut using specialised tools. Once all of the glass is cut, it is all fitted into a supporting framework of lead came, which is a metal that can be easily bent around the outline of the cut glass. The lead framework is then soldered together, followed by a lengthy finishing process to make the finished window. This process can take up to 3 months, as the detail and work that goes into each window is extensive.

To discuss a special commission with James or to find out more about 'Lonan Stained Glass' you can contact James directly on (07624) 422432 or email him at