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Bifrost Vodka - Premium Manx Vodka

The Isle of Man has been home to innovative distilling techniques at the Distillery in Sulby since 1974. Our family took over in 1990 and Andrew's passion for quality and the pursuit of that something special saw ManX, Manx Spirit launched in 1997.

 Alan joined the family in 2012 when he and Rebecca tied the knot at Castle Rushen; a familiar historical landmark to both of them, having grown up in the South of the Island.

 After months of hard work, Alan's talents as a specialist machinery engineer, combined with Andrew's knowledge and passion for the distiller's art, saw their vision of a purpose-built still, more suited to precise, small-batch distillations brought to life, allowing us to craft Bifrost Ultra Premium Manx Vodka.

 Bifrost is unique in that it is distilled from 100% VS Cognac, sourced from a small family-run distiller in Berneuil, Charante – André Petit et Fils. We then redistill this Cognac in their new still and chill filter it. The resulting taste, and mouthfeel, coupled with the smoothness make Bifrost a truly individual drinking experience. As a base for cocktails, mixers or, ideally straight from the freezer, Bifrost brings their artisan skills, developed over decades, to the discerning consumer of today.

 Bifrost is available to buy from Shoprite, Joseph Bucknall, Agrimark and on board the Steam Packet. It really is the gift of choice for friends and family, clients overseas or an indulgent treat for yourself!

 Please enjoy Bifrost responsibly.