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James Middleton - Island Sheepskins



In order to acheive the distinct quality of the Sheepskin rugs that James produces, each piece undergoes an extensive process before it is sold to the customer. James first of all selects only the highest quality sheepskins, many from his own flock of rare breed sheep. They are then salted down for a period of 2-3 months and sent to a high quality tannery before they are returned for James to distribute. 

The naturally coloured sheepskin is truly special as each one is unique and reflects the individuality of the sheep. Each rug is distinctively coloured as the fleece is undyed and in its natural colour from the sheep. No two natural rugs are ever the same. James however can also meet customer requirements by adding dye to the rugs to match a specific colour requirement. Various sizes and designs of rugs are also available, such as doubles, quads etc. Options include mosaics and different shaped designs made to order. 

Although various breeds are used, Loaghtan Sheepskin is particularly popular as people treasure the story behind their purchase and know that they are adding a piece of Manx heritage to their home. 

James has recently expanded his Sheepskin product range and can now offer luxurious cushions, throws and bags in his collection. 

To find out more about Island Sheepskins please contact James directly on (07624) 492582, or email