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Loobys Heartfelt Studio - Needlework Felt

Lynda originally from Sheffield has lived on the island for over 10 years and has been working on her passion of needlework felt for just under a year. Lynda is self-taught in the craft by watching online tutorials and contacting other artisans internationally when she runs into difficulties.

Lynda creates animals, angels and fairies, all personalised and each have their own name, none of Lynda’s creations are made with anything other than organic wool, no machinery is used or glue (except for the cat whiskers). All the characters have their own names and personalities,

Lynda works from home and cares for her two young children, Illieah and Kynen, the idea of starting Loobys Heartfelt Studio came when she was on maternity and couldn’t sit around and do nothing all day.

The creation of the animals and angels is very therapeutic and Lynda often loses track of time whilst making them, cats are the hardest animal to perfect due to the intricate work on their faces but Lynda is determined she is going to perfect them, many needlework felt artisans don’t make cat due to the amount of time they take to get them right.

You can contact Lynda through her own facebook page ‘Loobys heartfelt studio’, by email on, or by phone on 07624 255595.