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Annie Donnelly - Annie Atelier Crafts

Annie was born in North Wales and moved to the island in 2000, lured by the Island’s security and peacefulness.  Annie’s mother taught her to knit when she was just 5 years old.  She hasn’t stopped knitting since and loves knitting so much she even finishes other people’s knitting – see details on Annie’s Knitwitty Facebook page.

Annie adores Laxey’s mix of sea and hills and would happily move there because having grown up in the Welsh mountains she always associates being by the sea with being on holiday.

She also loves writing and watercolour painting.  Her work can be seen on her Facebook page ‘Annie Atelier Crafts’.

Annie’s Manx Maid Mascots, were created when she came into MostlyManx looking for a souvenir doll to buy and couldn’t find one. Creena, Manx for ‘Wise’ and Cara, Manx for 'Songster' were born!

Not being able to decide on which craft she should chose she created ‘Annie Atelier Crafts’, as an online studio, to promote them all and is excited about building a future doing what she loves most!