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Faye Christian - Ceramic Artist




In the summer of 2010, Faye launched her first collection of hand thrown tableware and decorative studio pottery. 

"Rising up from the sea, erupting into lush vegetation and stretching skywards towards the windswept mountain. It is a small island of big contrasts on which I live, but the tightly converging landscapes mean I have always felt part of the sea, the fields and the hills. I make tableware to bring my landscape into other people's lives"

The collection includes forms that undulate like the sea, in rock pool coloured glazes, decorative impressions from hedgerows and agriculture, and bands of colour interacting to become the landscape where farmland flecked with cottages turns into gorse, and heather of the hills then disappears under mist into sky. 

To see the latest goings on in the studio please visit Faye's website or visit her Facebook page.