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Dave and Trish Richards - Woodworks

Laxey Station

Caair ny arrey laa

With this wealth of experience, he and his wife Trish have set up Woodworks, specialising in crafting garden furniture to an unrivalled standard. They design and manufacture their own ideas moulded by customer preferences and feedback, as well as producing designs that follow a trusted theme.

Some of their more artistic designs can be viewed in the public domain at DEFA's Wildlife Park situated in the Enchanted Wood, or the "times gone by" rustic seating at Laxey's regeneration scheme.

With many of the Island’s Schools, Commissioners, Corporations and Sports institutions among their valued client base, they are the leading hand crafted suppliers of quality garden furniture on the Island.

Although they have had several opportunities to export off the Island, they believe that looking after the home market is far more important. As Dave said, rather tongue in cheek, "we would be barking mad to branch out when the roots of our business are firmly seated on the Island".

To view some of their products please visit their website or you can call them directly on (07624) 411007.


Eight Seater                                                           Dave and Trish on one of thier own designs