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Jerry Norton - Manxbees

Living in such an idyllic location, easily drew Jerry's attention to bee-keeping, which he has been doing for nearly 10 years. 

Jerry says "I find it a very interesting and rewarding pastime (I would say hobby, but I think it has moved past that). The products I obtain from my Manx bees (I may not be Manx, but my bees are pure Manx!) are varied and diverse". 

Jerry's products include:-

Honey: which is obtained from various locations on the Island; each with a distinct flavour. 

Beeswax: a substance which the bees produce from glands; fashioned into candles, balms (for dry skin) and polish. 

Propolis: which has a very high anti-bacterial quality and can be used on cuts, burns and ulcers. 

Jerry also supplies bees to bee-keepers on the Island and to bee-keepers in Scotland and England. Bees exported off the Island go on a one way trip, as imports of bees are banned from the Isle of Man. 

Care should be taken with the bee products in case of reactions.

Honey can be purchased from MostlyManx.