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Elizabeth Sibthorpe - Handmade gloves, teddies and rams


Born and bred in London, Elizabeth moved to the Isle of Man in 1997 and immediately noticed how beautiful island living is. Her husband who got a job here moved the family and they haven’t looked back since. Elizabeth who visited her home in London recently said she couldn’t even recognise where she once called home.

Elizabeth loves the countryside and lifestyle available on the island, the opportunities that come with living in a place like the Isle of Man are welcomed and are what Elizabeth enjoys most about living here.

Having always done knitting it’s no surprise that Elizabeth took the opportunity to use the unique loaghtan wool to make her Rams and Teddy Bears. The reason Elizabeth started knitting and using the loaghtan was simply to feel more involved in the local community and get involved in the local artisan scene. Elizabeth also makes mittens, fingerless gloves and the dreaded longtail!

In her spare time Elizabeth teaches ballroom dancing at the Isle of Man College, she also helps her husband out with the Douglas Lawn Tennis Club.

Elizabeth does take request for bespoke items, ring 628773 or email for more information.

A variety of Elizabeth’s products are also available at Laxey Woollen Mills