Laxey Woollen Mills

The Laxey Woollen Mills have been at the heart of Laxey's weaving industry for more than a century. They have been owned by the Wood family since the 1950's and are currently run by John Wood along with his sister Dian Skelton. Now the Mills are behind two exciting new projects that celebrate the skills of local craftspeople. Firstly, the mill buildings are developing as the new home for a number of artisans specialising not just in weaving but art, fine woodwork, embroidery and jewellery making. The work of these artisans is showcased in their own workshops and by MostlyManx.


The Mills are also celebrating the district's rich weaving heritage by bringing together original documents, photographs and personal memories to tell 'The History of the Laxey Woollen Mills' and its place in the life of the village. Weaving was only a minor cottage industry in the mid-nineteenth century but in 1881 a retired silk weaver called Egbert Rydings and prominent social revolutionary John Ruskin joined forces to establish the Mills under the auspices of the Guild of St George. Over a century later, woollen goods handcrafted here are sold both in the mills and the MostlyManx shop in Douglas. 'The History of the Laxey Woollen Mills' aims to shed new light on the life and times of the people who have worked there and tell the fascinating story of an industry that still operates in Laxey according to the principles laid down by Ruskin all those years ago.
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